essaywriter AT

Aimed specifically at Neurodiverse students, essaywriter AT allows users to create written work which is an accurate reflection of their ability, unclouded by disability. 


This innovative writing software appeals to visual and spatial thinkers and makes it easier to create well structured essays, faster.

It does this by allowing the user to brainstorm, research, structure, write, reference and publish from one simple product, reducing many of the stresses and strains that come with creating large documents.


It is also the only essay writing tool that employs a split-screen function, with ideas appearing on one half of the screen and written text on the other.

This is a hugely effective technique for visual or conceptual learners, as both essay structure and written content can be viewed simultaneously.

As a result, Neurodiverse students can retain information and capture creativity in a more efficient manner.

For those who struggle with paragraph and sentence structure, essaywriter AT employs colour coded paragraph highlighting. This visualises paragraphs, laying out cohesive topic sentences, main arguments and conclusions so that only what is necessary appears in the essay and students remain 'on topic'. 



  • developed specifically for Neurodiverse students

  • split-screen ensures students can maintain focus between ideas and text

  • helps those with short-term memory issues

  • split large volumes of text into more manageable sections

  • moveable structure eliminates the need to cut and paste text

  • text to speech functionality


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