microbreak PLUS

 microbreak plus can be implemented at an organisational level for businesses of all sizes. Containing all the benefits of the Single User Edition, microbreak plus also allows management to take a more proactive approach to employee well-being through monitoring staff usage, in-depth analysis and reports.

An invaluable safety net against potential litigation, microbreak plus can play a crucial role in your Back to Work, Health & Safety and Reasonable Adjustments policies.



microbreak PLUS Benefits


  • Secure Monitoring & Analysis Tool

Monitoring staff usage provides valuable insight that can be used to mitigate and manage the risk of injury, absence and potential compensation claims.


  • Improves Safety Culture

Placing employee well-being at the forefront of your business demonstrates a positive commitment to your most valuable investment.


  • Make Reasonable Adjustments

microbreak PLUS can become an essential component of your Back to Work, Health & Safety and Reasonable Adjustment policies.