innoyo at the ISTE Conference

The innoyo team are currently in Philadelphia attending the ISTE 2019 education conference, and what a crazy ordeal it's been to get here!


To start with, everything surrounding the show was a little...last minute. We decided that attending this show was too good an opportunity to miss, as we have a new product 'ideamapper EDU' that is aimed at this particular market. We also wanted to begin building the innoyo brand overseas and show off what we think is some incredible software.

So we took the decision to attend the conference. The only issue being, it was only 7 days away! This meant acting very quickly to book a stand at the venue, as well as flights, hotels and everything that goes with it. Luckily the show organisers were incredibly accommodating and we managed to get everything done in time to fly to the states. All going well you'd think? Unfortunately our flights were then cancelled a matter of hours before we were due to set off!

Cue the mad rush to find alternative flights that would get us there in time. Eventually, after many hours on the phone searching we managed it and away we went. After landing in Philly we had to dash straight to the exhibition venue to dress our stand the best we could under trying circumstances and with some very tired staff. We brought with us some company brochures and screens, on which we provided interactive demonstrations of the software to visitors. Once the stand was dressed, we were ready to embrace everything the show was about. 




It has to be said, with one day of the show left, the response to both our team and our software has been overwhelming. We have made some excellent contacts and developed what are hopefully the beginnings of some long-term partnerships.

Before we fly back home we'd like to say thanks to the show organisers, everyone at the venue and most importantly everyone we have met on our made some visiting British chaps feel very much at home. It feels great to be at an event full of people doing good things for the right reasons.

Philadelphia has been amazing also. Great city, great people and great food. What more could you ask for?

Click here for more information on ideamapper EDU.