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essaywriter - the complete essay writing tool that makes the writing process simpler and more efficient!

essaywriter enables students to create well structured essays from idea to publication, all from one simple program.  This completely eliminates the need to switch between applications at any point of the process, so distractions are eliminated and focus is maintained throughout, clearing the way to higher grades.

Combining idea-mapping software with word processing functionality, essaywriter is the all-in-one writing tool that students can use both on AND off campus.

One of the things that sets essay writer apart is how much simpler it is to create a well-referenced document. When writing academic essays, any sources referenced must be clearly marked and accurate, which can be difficult when you’re in the flow of creativity.

With essay writer, references are placed on your visual map as ideas, with any pasted text automatically formatted as a quote with your reference. This reduces the chances of accidental plagiarism and makes what can be one of the most stressful aspects of the writing process incredibly simple.


Benefits include:

  • create essays from idea to completion without switching applications

  • makes the writing process more efficient and productive

  • reduces the anxiety of the blank page

  • the simplest bibliography tool available

  • gives the user a greater sense of control over their work

  • improved structure results in improved grades


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