Working Words

The virtual tutor for Neurodiverse adults in the workplace

1 in 5 working people are Neurodiverse
1 in 10 people struggle with work-based literacy

Working Words is a multi-sensory, virtual tutor that empowers Neurodiverse individuals to overcome literacy related barriers and succeed in work.

It was created to help improve work-related writing skills, specifically spelling and grammar.


Unlike traditional literacy courses, which often reinforce a feeling of failure, Working Words is an inclusive tool designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles. 

Simple to use, the program utilises an holistic approach to learning which maximises its effectiveness for people with a ‘conceptual’ or big picture style of learning. 


Benefits include:

  • Increase confidence, quality of work, productivity & communication skills

  • Encourages independent, flexible and empowered learning

  • Access the software from anywhere at anytime

  • Content available in both audio and visual styles


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