innoyo provide innovative software solutions designed to unlock creativity, increase productivity, enhance employee well-being and transform your business. From large corporations to SME's, our software has been hugely influential in driving business forward.


Products include:

ideamapper pro is a simple, highly effective planning and productivity tool that makes it easy to capture creativity, organise thoughts and manage projects more effectively. Click here for more information:
microbreak is highly effective injury prevention software for the office that promotes positive, self-managed behaviour amongst employees. A series of tailored, desk-based microbreaks and exercises help reduce the impact of disabling health conditions at work, reducing absenteeism. Click here for more information
microbreak plus allows businesses to take a more proactive approach to employee well-being through data collection, in-depth analysis and reports. Implementing microbreak plus enables your business to mitigate the risk of preventable workplace injury and absence that costs businesses millions of £’s every year. Click here for more information
workingwords is a multi-sensory, virtual tutor that empowers Neurodiverse individuals to overcome literacy related barriers and succeed in work. Click here for more information